Road Map To Medicare

 Medicare Roadmap

What are important things to know about this national insurance program for those 65 years and older? Topics covered include:

  • How and when should a person enroll in Medicare?
  • What coverage can you expect as an enrollee for medical and prescription drug coverage?
  • If you are currently working how does Medicare work with your employee coverage?
  • Which option to pick: Medicare Advantage vs. Traditional Medicare ~ and why are 47% of Orange County seniors enrolled in Advantage plans? 
  • Covered Prescriptions ~ What is the best way to make sure your prescriptions are covered?
  • Which Medicare Supplements are most important to sign up for and why?
  • What is the Timeline for enrolling / changing a Medicare Plan during Annual Enrollment?
  • What will Medicare actually pay / cover and NOT cover?
  • What are some of the “Common Misconceptions” that seniors have about what Medicare does / does not offer or do?
  • Other new changes to Medicare rules / benefits.

Program fee $10

1 meeting
Thursday, Sep 18 | 6 – 8 pm
Criminal Justice 113
(Building 26)

Presenter: Shari Langer- Is a State Registered Counselor. She serves as the Community Education and Outreach coordinator for the Council on Aging—Orange County HICAP program (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program). 

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