Kids & Money

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(Ages 12 – 16)

This workshop will help your children learn the important skills they will need to be financially successful in life. They will gain knowledge of the basic history of money, fundamental skills of budgeting, saving and investing, balancing a checkbook, credit card debt, interest rates and much more. They will achieve a basic understanding of making purchases, discounts, commissions, sales tax, etc. This workshop will give your child the gift of financial power to handle their money responsibly.

Program fee $49
1 meeting 

Saturday, Oct 14 | 9 am – 1 pm 
Administration 214

Presenter: Barbie Stowell – Has worked in the Financial Industry for over 15 years and has taught financial classes at local colleges. She has many years of volunteer experience teaching through programs such as Junior Achievement, Girl Scouts, PTA/PTO, and booster clubs.

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